Facebook installation

Meta has added a new step to add a “Reserve” button on its Facebook/Instagram Restaurant page: All Restaurant page’s owners have to create a Facebook Business Manager account.



  • Create your FB page and/or IG account
  • Create a Facebook Business Manager Account
  • Go to business.facebook.com then click on “Log In” to start the process of creating your Facebook business profile
  • Click on the “Log In with Facebook” button
  • Enter your personal Facebook account username and password. Now you have created your Facebook business profile
  • Facebook has added a new step to secure users accounts by sending a code to the corresponding email address.
  • Enter the authentication code that has been sent via email. If you prefer receiving it by SMS click on “Didn’t receive a code?” button (optional for certain accounts if you didn’t activate the function on your personal account settings .
  • Once you enter the two factor authentication, you will be redirected to your Facebook Business Manager page

Congratulations! You’ve just accomplished the creation of your Facebook Business Manager account.



  • Log to your Restaurant’s Facebook page
  • Click on “Add a button” (or “Edit Reserve” to modify the action button)
  • Select “Book now” in type of Edit Page Button
  • Click on “Connect Another Tool”
  • Select “TheFork” in the list of suggested provider
  • A page named “Connect to TheFork” appears : click on Continue. If you have several restaurants working with TheFork, select the one corresponding with the FB page in the list
  • A pop-up window opens directly on TheForkManager: insert your TheForkManager ID & login to connect to your account
  • On the window “Confirm Linking”, just click on Continue & then on Done
  • Meta requires from now on having a Facebook Business Manager (FBM) account. At this phase, they will ask you to link your Facebook page to the FBM one ← NEW STEP
  • A new window will show up asking you to tap the name of the account you wish to assign to this FB page. This account will be registered on your FBM (previously created) ← NEW STEP
  • Choose the corresponding business account among the choices in the list in case you own and manage several restaurant accounts ← NEW STEP
  • When the logging is done, FB will ask you to confirm your settings. Click twice on “Continue”. And VOILA ! The linking is done


Congrats! Your Facebook page is now configured with TheFork. The url of the booking widget has automatically been added/updated !

NB : If you first link your Facebook and Instagram profiles from your Facebook page, then adding the booking button to your Facebook page will result in it being automatically added to your Instagram account as well.

You can watch the video below: