Instagram installation

Instructions provided by The Fork on how to auto-install the booking button on your Instagram ​page, in order to receive reservations.


Go to Instagram APP in your smartphone:


I do not have a commercial account

  • Access your Instagram profile
  • Access “Configuration" and select the option "Change to commercial account"
  • Follow the instructions until the process is finished


I already have a commercial account

  • Go on your Instagram Profile & click on Edit Profile.
  • Click on “Contact options”.
  • Click on “Add an action button”.
  • Select “” in the list of suggested provider.
  • You are automatically redirected to TheFork Manager: Insert your TheFork Manager id & login to connect to your account. If you have several restaurants working with TheFork, select the one corresponding with the Instagram page in the list.
  • Click on “Continue as...” & wait a couple of seconds.
  • Click on “Continue” to confirm the connection to TheFork website & wait for the booking button to be added.
  • Congrats! Your Instagram page is now configured with TheFork. The url of the booking widget has automatically been added/updated!


You can see every step below:

1- Go on “Edit Profile” & click on “Contact options

2- Select “Add an action button”

3- Scroll on the list of providers & Select “”

4- Connect to your TheFork Manager account

5- Click on “Continue as...”

6- Wait a couple of seconds

7- Click on Continue to finalize the addition