Frequently asked questions


What is a Widget?

Technically speaking, it's a digital application which is integrated in a web page in order to interact with internauts visiting the website it is installed in. In our case, it's an interface looking like a calendar which allows internauts visiting your restaurant's website, Facebook and Instagram profiles to easily book a table.


How does a widget work?

The widget interface collects the reservation data required to the customer, that once it's confirmed, it's transferred to your TFM updating authomatically the tables available as well.


Why should I use the widget?

  • It allows your restaurant to get commission-free bookings.
  • It encourages the "visitor to customer" conversion of internauts visiting your web, Facebook and instagram pages.
  • It allows customers to book anytime anywhere (24x7) and from different channels: your website, Facebook and instagram profiles (in addition to thefork and tripadvisor platforms).
  • It simplifies the booking process replacing emails, forms and phone calls, giving also real time availability and instant confirmation to customer.
  • It easies reservation management, done directly and only from TFM (optionally also with the APP).
  • It makes you save money, since in addition to make you get commission-free bookings, it's a totally free of charge service with no costs of installation, usage or removal.


Does have the widget any cost?

Not at all. It's an optional and free of charge service with no costs of installation, usage or removal.


How many types of widget do you have?

We have two types of widgets depending on the contract you have signed with us, Free or Pro. In the first case, you'll get the MRG (grey) version which is a calendar that includes a thefork logo and banner.

If you have instead a Pro/Pro+ contract, your widget will be a customizable MRB (white) calendar, without thefork logo nor banner.


How many layouts of widget do you have?

We've got two layouts of widget for you to choose, depending on your preferences and needs:

  • Iframe: it's the main version and it's a full open calendar integrated (embedded) in a page of your website.
  • Button: it's a simple button which design you can choose and that opens the iframe at the click.

Where can I put the widget?

You can put the widget in your website, your Facebook and Instagram profiles.


How can I install the widget on the website?

Basically you'll need to copy an Url string that we'll provide and paste it on the HTML code of your website. It's very easy but you need to be a basic computer user at least to get it done.


Who does install the widget on the website?

If you're not able to install it and you don't have a webmaster or agency that can do it for you either, we'll take care of it and install it for you.


Can I remove the widget anytime?

Yes, you can remove it whenever you don't want it anymore.


How can I remove the widget?

You can remove it easily deleting the Url string we provided you, from the webpage HTML code or the Facebook/Instagram button you put it when installed it. If you're not able to remove it yourself, get in contact with us and we'll do it for you.


Is it necessary for me to configure the widget myself?

No. You don't have to set it up since once it's installed, it is ready to use


Who is the owner of customers' data collected with the widget?

If you have signed a Free contract, thefork will be the owner of all data collected. In case of Pro/Pro+ contract otherwise, you'll be the only owner of all data coming through the widget.